What age group is ColtsKids camp? Finished Pre-K through Finished 5th grade.

Is ColtsKids open to the public? Yes! Please tell everyone!

If I decide to send my child to the Full Summer option, how much of a deposit is required? You may place a deposit down to hold your child’s spot, however the $900 camp fees must be paid 2 weeks prior to camp start date, or your child will be dropped from enrollment. You do not have to pay the $900 at one time. You may choose to pay a little along the way.

What happen’s between 12 and 1? This is our designated lunch time. If your child is staying for both camps, he or she will eat their brought lunch and play games.

Is there a discount for the second child? No, at this time there is not a discount for a second or third child.

Is CCS attire required for the summer? No, your child may wear comfortable clothes that allow them to be active. It is strongly encouraged that your child wear socks and tennis shoes.

I want to enroll my child for the full summer, but he or she does not get out of school until the second week of camp? We will prorate your first week. Full summer will then be $840.

Do I need to provide anything for my child to attend camp? You only need to bring a lunch. If you are enrolled for tennis camp you will need to bring a tennis racket.


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